About the Math Examination

The Math test will contain questions on topics that are covered during high school. It consists of 40 multiple-choice questions of different levels of difficulty. The duration of the test is 90 minutes. The language of the test is either Armenian or English. The applicant has the opportunity to choose his or her preferred language at the start of the test.

About the AUA Math Preparation Course

This course is aimed at preparing prospective students for taking the AUA e-Math Test for admission to the undergraduate program. The test includes the following sections: Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Functions, Vectors, and Sets. The test is based on basic mathematical skills and understanding of elementary mathematical concepts, as well as the ability to reason quantitatively and to solve problems in a quantitative setting.

The AUA Math Preparation Course instructor will:

  • Test students enrolled in this preparatory course to determine students’ individual levels.
  • Review with students each question type to determine individual strengths and weaknesses, and work on specific strategies and tactics to better prepare students with each type of question.
  • Coach students to acquire skills and strategies for success in this standardized exam.
  • Discuss student questions in an interactive format, focusing on identified problem areas, practicing valuable techniques, and correcting common errors before the official test date.

AUA Math Preparation Course Materials

Practice on real Math is essential to get a successful score on this exam. Our course combines several instructional methods to give students the most comprehensive training.  If you are dissatisfied with your score or continue to be hesitant about taking the e-Math Test, we welcome repeaters of this course at a 50% discount. Our course materials include:

  • Preparation guide containing exercises, practice questions, and tips
  • Additional homework exercises for supplemental practice

AUA Counselors are available to assist students with the AUA admissions process, entrance requirements, and personal statements.

Start date: September, 2015

Duration: 54 hours

Schedule: 3 times a week, 3 hours per session

Fee: AMD 80,000 (VAT inclusive)

To enroll you can either (1) come to the AUA Extension Office to complete your application,
(2) e-mail your completed application, or bring your completed application to us.
The applicable enrollment fee is payable, in cash, at AUA Cashier’s Office, main building, 5th floor, Room 514. The cashier’s Office is open from 10:00 to 16:00, Monday to Friday. The filled in application form together with the payment receipt completes your enrollment.

You may also transfer the course fee to AUA bank account.

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