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AUA e-Math test system operates in the following way:

Automatically generated tests: The system creates individual accounts for all test takers who are registered and whose status is confirmed for the given test day. Each test taker then logs in to his/her account and takes the ninety-minute test. The test contains 40 questions, which are generated automatically according to an algorithm from a pool of approximately 1,500 questions.

Bilingual test: Before the test begins, test takers may choose the language of the test. The test is administered either in Armenian or in English.

Scratch paper: Test takers are given two pieces of scratch paper and either a pen or a pencil. If a test taker needs more scratch paper, he/she should hand in the already used one and receive new papers. Throughout the entire test, the test taker should have only two pieces of paper.

Feedback during the test, no appeal after: After the test is over, the test takers are told that they have an opportunity to complete a feedback form and appeal any and all question(s), which appeared problematic. After the test takers leave the room, they do not have the right to appeal the test. The Committee of Experts checks all the questions addressed by the test takers, after which the test takers receive an email with a decision made in regard to the completed feedback form.

No human factor in grading: The grades are calculated automatically through the same system, which generates the test questions. The test takers receive their grades via email within one hour after the test.

IMPORTANT NOTE: AUA e-Math Test will be discountinued. The last scheduled test date will be in July 2018. However, AUA will accept valid test scores as proof of Math Proficiency for the Fall 2018, Fall 2019 and Fall 2020 admission cycles.


Trained proctors: Proctors at AUA Extension ensure academic integrity and honesty during the exam. Before proctoring a test, proctors undergo a process that entails all the necessary information and training to be able to professionally proctor the test.

Workstations testing: At the beginning of the Math test, the proctors ensure that the workstations are ready for the test takers (the accounts are secure, the calculator is turned on, the system works properly).

Check-in Process: After the workstations are prepared, the check-in process begins. The test takers enter the testing room in pairs, after which they are asked to leave all their personal belongings near the entrance and approach the proctor with their payment check and ID. The proctor then checks each test taker against the roster, which is downloaded the day before from the system (, where the test takers register for the test. The proctor checks test taker’s name, surname, date of birth, and the validity of the document. If the ID is acceptable, the test taker is directed to a workstation. After all the candidates are seated, they are given 2 pieces of scratch paper and a pen/pencil

Active proctoring: During the whole test, the proctors actively walk through the test room and ensure all the rules and procedures are applied.

Scratch paper collection and information on feedback opportunity: At the end of the test, the proctors collect all the scratch papers from test takers and inform them about feedback forms they can complete and hand in to the Committee of Experts.

Additional security measures: All computer stations used for the AUA e-Math test are separated from each other by partitions. The room is under surveillance of security cameras at all times. Only test takers and proctors are allowed in the testing labs; any person who accompanies the test takes to the exam should wait for the test takers by the building security.

Prospective students who are interested in applying to any of the AUA undergraduate programs are required to demonstrate proficiency in mathematics at the time of application.  The AUA math test is designed to be one such proficiency test that you should take before the application deadline.  Below you will find vital information about test preparation, registration, and test day procedures. You are encouraged to review and understand these rules.  If any of these procedures is unclear or if uncertainties remain, please contact AUA Extension prior to registering for the test.

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What you need to know about the test:

  • The test will contain questions on topics that are covered during the last three years of high school, based on Armenia’s mathematics curriculum for the most part. These topics fall into the following seven categories: Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Functions, Vectors, and Sets.
  • The test contains 40 multiple-choice questions of different levels of difficulty.
  • You will have 90 minutes to complete the test.
  • The language of the test is either Armenian or English.  You have the opportunity to choose your preferred language at the start of the test.  Please note that the choice of language cannot be changed once you start the test.  Also note that the choice of language has absolutely no bearing on test scores.
  • The test is computer-based and is administered on the AUA campus.
  • Test sub-scores are calculated by rewarding one point (+1) for correct answers and minus one-fourth of a point (-1/4) for incorrect answers.  Answers left blank are worth zero (0) points.  These sub-scores are then used to calculate a final score that will range between 200 to 400 points.
  • Test scores are valid for two years.
  • The test has a range of questions of varying difficulty and is designed to be challenging even for excellent math students. It is not expected that successful applicants to AUA will be able to answer all the questions correctly.

Test Fee: The test fee is contingent on the number of attempts.

  • Applicants taking the test for the first time will pay a fee of 15,000 AMD.
  • Applicants taking the test a second time will pay 20,000 AMD.
  • Anyone taking the test a third time and beyond, will pay 25,000 AMD.

Cancelling or rescheduling is strongly discouraged but will be allowed under extenuating circumstances for a fee of 5,000 AMD.  In such an event, you must notify AUA Extension no later than 5 working days prior to the test.  If you miss a test without cancelling or rescheduling, you will forfeit the entire test fee.  

Preparing for the test: To prepare for the test, you should begin by reviewing the math material that was covered during your high school education.  You may then practice by solving questions included in the sample test available below. IMPORTANT NOTE: The sample test is just a sample.  The questions included should only serve as a guideline to the type of questions you may encounter.  Not all question types are covered in this sample. Sample tests are available here: Sample Test A _ English | Sample Test A _Armenian; Sample Test B_EnglishSample Test B_Armenian; Sample Test C_Armenian, Sample Test C_English. The answer keys to the sample tests are available here: AUA Sample Math Test – Answer Key -A; AUA Sample Math Test – Answer Key -BAUA Sample Math Test – Answer Key -C.  

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Registration information: Please visit and check under the “Testing” tab to register for the test. You must use a valid passport or the RA National Identification card to register. Whichever document you use when registering, please have that same document with you on the test day. Seating is limited for each test and you are not guaranteed a spot.  Make sure to register as early as possible to ensure space is available for your desired test date(s).  After registering online, you will have three (3) business days to pay the applicable fee.  You may pay the fee at the AUA Cashier’s Office located in the Main Building, 5th floor, room 514M.  Please note that the Cashier’s Office is open weekdays from 10:00 to 16:00 (closed from 13:00 to 14:00). You may also make an online payment through your account. Alternatively, you may pay the fee via bank transfer to the American University of Armenia Fund’s account (001-006402-001, HSBC Bank Armenia). Please allow sufficient time for your bank transfer to be reflected in the system (this can take between 1 – 3 business days). If you do not pay within the three business day period your registration will be cancelled and you will have to register again. Please note that you can register for a test at least five days prior to a test date.

Test Day Procedures: On the test date, registered test takers are requested to come to the AUA Main Building at least 15 minutes prior to the start of the test.  You are required to bring your passport and confirmation email to be admitted to the test room.  All other personal items must be left with someone outside or placed on the table at the entrance of the test room.  Mobile phones must be turned off and handed in to test administrators.  You are not allowed to bring a calculator to the test.  Instead, you may use the default calculator in the Windows Operating System.  Therefore, you are encouraged to familiarize yourself with this calculator.  You will be given pens and paper during the test, both of which will be collected before you leave the room.

Test dates

# Day Date Start Time
1 Wednesday 27-Sep 10:00
2 Wednesday 18-Oct 10:00
3 Wednesday 8-Nov 10:00
4 Wednesday 22-Nov 10:00
5 Wednesday 29-Nov 10:00
6 Wednesday 6-Dec 10:00
7 Wednesday 13-Dec 10:00
8 Wednesday 20-Dec 10:00
9 Wednesday 10-Jan 10:00
10 Monday 15-Jan 10:00
11 Wednesday 7-Feb 10:00
12 Wednesday 21-Feb 10:00
13 Wednesday 7-Mar 10:00
14 Wednesday 21-Mar 10:00
15 Monday 26-Mar 10:00
16 Wednesday 28-Mar 10:00
17 Wednesday 11-Apr 10:00
18 Wednesday 18-Apr 10:00
19 Wednesday 25-Apr 10:00
20 Wednesday 16-May 10:00
21 Monday 21-May 10:00
22 Wednesday 23-May 10:00
23 Friday 25-May 10:00
24 Wednesday 30-May 10:00
25 Friday 1-Jun 10:00
26 Wednesday 6-Jun 10:00
27 Wednesday 13-Jun 10:00
28 Wednesday 20-Jun 10:00
29 Wednesday 27-Jun 10:00
30 Monday 2-Jul 10:00
31 Wednesday 11-Jul 10:00
32 Wednesday 18-Jul 10:00
33 Wednesday 25-Jul 10:00

Student Behavior:
AUA places a high value on integrity and expects the same from its current and prospective students.  The AUA Math test is administered following the same standards as any other international academic test.  Therefore, test proctors will exercise a zero-tolerance policy regarding test takers who:

  • Have mobile phones or any other electronic devices on their person during the test;
  • Are thought to be communicating in any way with others during the ninety minutes of test administration, until they have exited the test room;
  • Disrupt other test takers either before, during, or after the test;
  • Attempt to remove any items from the test room, other than their passports, confirmation slips, and other items that were turned in to the test administrators
  • Are found to otherwise undermine the integrity of the test or its administration.

Feedback: At the end of each test, you will be given a feedback form.  These forms are important for AUA to continuously improve the test.  The feedback form also provides you with the opportunity to communicate your thoughts and/or suggestions to us. Within three business days after the feedback form is submitted, it will be reviewed by a committee and you will receive an email informing you about the decision.


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