This course examines Public Relations as a complex of tools and mechanisms with the high focus on showcasing the potential of their applicability. It explains what PR is and how it differs from Advertising and Propaganda. The course will explore the models of communications, media relationships, media literacy, basics of speechwriting, basics of rhetoric and argumentation, scope and specificities of press-services’ work, and present a large number of case studies.

One of the course’s advantages is the comparative PR. The students will be introduced to the American and European techniques with their adaptability to Armenian reality. They also will be offered with the wide scope of references and case studies from Armenian reality.

The course offers a unique method of students’ engaging. Prior to every class the students will be provided with a set of home readings (covering the authors and topics from ancient times to modern publications), which are implicitly interconnected with the same topic. Each student is challenged and obliged to be maximally focused on the lesson to reveal the connection, ‘knot the rich ornament of his takeaways’, realize the historical roots of Public Relations.