Naira Sargsyan

Program Coordinator in Yeghegnadzor

Naira Sargsyan

Naira Sargsyan

Naira Sargsyan is the Coordinator of the AUA Extension Program in Yeghegnadzor. She manages course administration, recruits course applicants, monitors ongoing classes, handles all communications, and ensures successful logistics of the courses.

Before joining AUA Extension, Naira worked in the Vayots Dzor Regional Government as a specialist in the department of Project Development. Naira also has experience working with a variety of NGOs, including Peace Corps Armenia, serving as an Armenian language instructor and cultural advisor. Also she worked for the Syunik-Development NGO, where she oversaw the Yeghegnadzor Community Center and its programs.

Naira served as the Assistant Dean of Gitelik University, where she helped to organize curriculum development and carry out administrative duties. In 2015, she participated in a prestigious internship program at the German Bread for the World NGO.

Naira holds Masters degrees in Management from Haybusak University and in Linguistics from Shirakatsi University.

5 Momik  str, Yeghegnadzor


Tel +37493 15-81-00

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