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Dear AUA Extension Student,

WELCOME to AUA Extension! Our courses are intended to offer you opportunities to expand your knowledge and tailor your personal growth and professional development to best suit your individual educational goals and career choices. We will help you reach your highest potential, whether you wish to apply for admission to AUA or expand your knowledge and skills to become more competitive in the labor market. Whatever your individual aspirations are, AUA Extension will coach you in gaining the knowledge and skills that will support achieving your goals. Please take the time to read these policies carefully and if you have questions that have not been addressed in this document, feel free to check with our Office or by your instructor. We wish you the best AUA educational experience and a very bright future!

Open Class – Before enrolling into AUA Extension course, students can attend an open class. Open Classes are actual classes offered at AUA Extension at the moment that are open to all prospective applicants at no cost. Open classes are intended to offer you the opportunity of making yourself familiar with what the classes are like at the Extensions. Please take the time to read the Open Class policy carefully at

Enrollment – Students must register for AUA Extension courses online at To enroll in AUA Extension courses, please follow the instructions found in

Level Change – Students enrolled in AUA Extension General English language courses may petition the instructor to change their level (up or down one level) as long as they do so before expiration of 10 percent of instruction. The instructor will review with the student the level of competency and present the request to the Director of Extension for approval.

Enrollment Cancellation and withdrawal– Registered students may cancel their enrollment and receive a refund for the amount of paid fees, less a processing fee of AMD 5,000, provided the request to withdraw is made after the first class. If the request to withdraw is made after that date, students will forfeit paid fees. In exceptional cases, students may petition the Director of AUA Extension in writing explaining the particular circumstance, which may warrant reconsideration. If approved, the student will receive credit against AUA Extension courses offered within three months of the withdrawal. Failure to re-enroll within the period of three months will result in student forfeiting the paid amount. Note: This rule to withdraw does not apply to courses of up to twelve (12) hours, in which case no refund is due.

Discounts – 10% discount is granted to:

  1. AUA alumni intended to take Extension courses,
  2. AUA Extension alumni (people who took one and more AUA Extension course)
  3. Partner organizations providing 6 and more employees for the same Extension course

Attendance – Enrolled students should make effort not to miss class. In the event that a student’s attendance falls below 65% of classes held, the student will be deprived of getting the “Attendance Certificate” for that course.

Good Standing –  The passing grade for AUA Extension courses is 70%. Certificate of Completion will be provided to those who receive a score of 70% and above.
In the event that participants score less than 70% they will not be awarded a Certificate of Completion and will not be able to move up to the next level (for continuing courses). Instead, participants will receive a Certificate of Attendance, for a score between 70 and 49.9%. The student can choose to repeat the same course for the 10% discounted fee, with no placement test re-take requirement.   
In case the total course score received is less than 49.9% no certificate (neither Certificate of Completion, nor Certificate of Attendance) will be provided, and the student would not be able to proceed to the next level of instruction (for continuing courses).

ID Cards – Once students are enrolled in a course, the cards will be provided to them. They must have this card every time they enter AUA.  The card will serve as proof of enrollment at AUA. The ID card also gives students the opportunity to use the AUA Papazian Library. They must return your ID cards at the end of the course. AMD 1,000 will be charged in case of card loss or damage.

Class Make-up – All holidays falling within a cycle will be made up. The make-up day will be determined by consensus.

Class Duration and Breaks – At AUA Extension, a class hour equals 50 minutes. This translates to a maximum of a 10-minute break for every one clock hour of class. Exactly when the break is taken is up to the instructor and students to decide.

Schedules and Class Logistics – The Schedule of Classes and corresponding classroom designation are the responsibility of AUA Extension Administration. Instructors and students are requested not to change or request changes pertaining to class time or room except under extenuating circumstances. Students will be informed 2 hours in advance of class in the event of cancellation of a class due to instructor’s illness or in an emergency situation. All cancelled classes will be made up by consensus of instructor and students.

Student Assessment – All AUA Extension courses use in-class tests to assess student learning progress.

Instructor Assignment – AUA Extension students are not given the privilege of choosing their instructor. Instructors are assigned to teach courses based on several factors, including knowledge qualifications, experience requirements, and performance record.

Class evaluation – AUA Extension students are asked to evaluate the instructor and the course at the end of each course. Students are encouraged to treat these evaluations with utmost importance, sincerity and responsiveness. These evaluations form an integral part of our continuous quality improvement process.

Code of conduct – AUA Extension students are required to behave in accordance to established norms, such as (a) being on time to class; (b) staying through the entire duration of class; (c) being attentive throughout class; (c) switching off mobile phones; (d) abstaining from any type of disruptive conduct, i.e. not interfering with, impairing or obstructing the conduct or function of the University or any of its students, faculty, staff, guests or the surrounding community, (e) caring for University furniture and equipment.


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