Introduction to Software Development: What happens behind the computer screen?

This course invites anyone seeking to gain a fundamental understanding of software development to a fascinating journey to the beautiful and limitless world of software development. It teaches the basics of computer programming, explains the ideas, concepts, and terms of software development in a human-friendly way that mere mortals can understand. No previous knowledge of computer programing or mathematics is necessary for the course. You only need a desire to learn and have curiosity for finding out the solutions. The course will give a fundamental understanding of all major desktop, web and mobile technologies used in the world. The course is designed for non-technical professionals who want to learn the basics of programming, for non-developers who work in IT companies and want to understand the nature of technologies in more details or for those who are curious about how their computer works.

Non-technical people working in IT companies (project managers, product owners, scrum masters, business analysts, technical HR recruiters, UI/UX designers etc), who directly or indirectly work with software development projects and need a fundamental understanding of the field, will benefit from this course in the following way:

  • Will learn, in a human-friendly way, the fundamental concepts and tools of programming languages, enable participants to use those in practice
  • Will gain an overall understanding of the technology stacks of the web, mobile, and desktop applications, related technical terms and their meaning
  • Will see the dynamics of the IT industry and learn about the new and emerging technologies
  • Will make an educated decision on the path forward and the next steps in computer programing education

Schedule: Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays, 6:30 – 8:30 PM

Fee: 48,000 AMD

At the end of the course, the participants will have a fundamental understanding of computer programming, be able to write simple fun programs using Python programming language, understand the underlying technology stack in desktop, web and mobile applications and be able to understand the technical jargon of software developers.

Instructor: Karapet Gyumjibashyan is currently leading a team of engineers, who innovate the next generation of hospitality technology at Ginosi Apartels. He works with the latest web and mobile technology on the intersection with DevOps and UI/UX design to deliver value to business by automating routine operations, enabling the new generation of communication technology and helping build technology-based solutions for remote operation of the hotel business.  Having extensive engineering background in the field of design of microelectronic circuits and systems, Karapet has a proven track record of delivering high value and high complexity projects during his previous work at Synopsys, the world’s leading electronic design automation company. Additionally, Karapet has been involved in renewable energy research, for which he was awarded by the Masdar Institute of Technology for the “Best Engineering Solution” within the framework of World Future Energy Summit in Abu Dhabi. Karapet co-authored a methodological publication on educational technologies and a research study on student perception of corruption. Karapet’s accomplishments in work and studies were recognized on the highest level by awarding him the Presidential Award of the Republic of Armenia. Aside from his main work and activities, Karapet Gyumjibashyan served in the Executive Board of European Youth Parliament Armenia, consulting the board on the technology-related matters and taking an active part in the high-level decision-making process. Karapet is a certified Project Management Professional and is a member of the Project Management Institute.

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