Speaking English with Confidence

This course is provided to prepare learners to practice what they learn in General English courses. While General English courses develop all language skills, the main focus of these courses is student-centered speaking. The goal is to provide students with a constructive and safe English-speaking environment where they can express themselves, freely and without inhibition, instilling in them a degree of confidence when communicating outside the classroom in various settings. 

In this course you will:

  • improve your fluency
  • increase ease of expression
  • expand your vocabulary and improve pronunciation
  • obtain techniques to cope with stumbling blocks during conversation
  • practice idiomatic and expressive natural English
  • learn how to reduce the influence of your native language
  • be exposed to native English language
  • increase recognition of sounds and their meanings in English
  • improve comprehension of authentic spoken English
  • become attuned to speed, tempo, and pace of native speakers

Requirements: A placement test is required if you have not attended English courses at AUA. Placement tests are administered every Wednesday at 1:30PM. Test fee is 2,100 AMDAdvance registration is required: im.aua.am.

Intermediate (Level 3-4), Advanced (Level 5-6)

Start date: March 18

End date: April 19 

Schedule: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 18:30-20:30 

Course duration: 30 Hours

Course Fee: AMD 68,000

About the Instructors:

Mr. Vigen  Vartevanian was born in Iran, educated in England, and is living in Armenia. He studied mechanical engineering at Thames University, UK. For twenty two years he ran his own business in London. In 2005 decided to move in Armenia with his wife and two children.  Vigen started teaching English at the AUA in 2010, and as he puts it “found it a stimulating and enjoyable experience. Students are motivated, creative and quickly accept new ideas. My only wish is that I had started teaching as soon as I arrived in Armenia.”

Mr. Ammar Mahmoud was born in Syria, he was granted a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature upon completion of a four-year program at Tishreen University in 2015. In 2016, he was enrolled in a graduate program in Language and English Language Teaching (ELT) at the Higher Institute of Languages at the same university. Later Ammar was awarded a fully-funded scholarship (Aurora Scholarship) by the American University of Armenia as an international student for a Master of Arts in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (MA TEFL). Ammar has been teaching English as a Foreign Language for about 5 years in different academic settings and to different age groups in Syria and Armenia.

Enrollment: To enroll in AUA Extension courses, please go through the following steps (see below for the Armenian version):

  • Visit im.aua.am.
  • Create an account by clicking New User Registration.
  • If you are not a new user and already have an AUA account (having previously taken the AUA e-Math Test or applied to AUA), you should log into the account that you had created at that time.
  • If you just registered as a new user, you will get an email asking to activate your account.
  • Now, for registering to take a course, go to the Open Education tab, choose Extension, then Extension Applications, and apply for the course(s) you choose.
  • After you register online, your application will be reviewed and you will receive an email acknowledging your application.
  • Closer to the course start date, you will receive another email confirming your enrollment, requesting that you make payment before the course start date. The fee can be paid online via credit card or through the EasyPay terminal (located at the entrance to AUA). Alternatively, you may pay the fee via bank transfer to the American University of Armenia Fund, account 001-006402-001, HSBC Bank Armenia, indicating your full name (as in the registration) and the course you are paying for.
  • The completed application together with the record of payment completes your enrollment.

Instructions for online registration_Armenian

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