Making Things Happen: Understanding Project Management

About the course:

The course covers the fundamentals of project management, where students learn what project management involves and how to approach it successfully. The course provides students with the opportunity to apply project management principles to real-world situations with the use of case studies, teamwork and mock-projects. While PMP exam can be a long and dry subject, this workshop takes an easy and practical approach to completing projects successfully and focuses on the application of project management tools and techniques.

Learning objectives:

Upon completion of the course, the participants will have the confidence and the necessary level of knowledge to manage a project from the initiation phase up to the closing.

Who should attend this course?

People who intend to become a project manager or a project coordinator

People who just started their career in project management

People who want to change the job and start working for projects

People who want to learn about project management

Note: The course is aligned with the Global Project Management Standard of the Project Management Institute (

Duration: 35 hours/online and offline

Fee: 89,000 AMD/online, 120,000 AMD/offline

*The price for Open Education's regional centers differs. Please contact the regional center for the details.

Here is the Guide to online registration.
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