About the course

Neuromarketing is an emerging cross-disciplinary field that studies how consumers’ brains respond to marketing, brands, products, and shopping. Neuro marketers have applied recent advances in brain science to help marketers and market researchers find new answers to the age-old question: why do consumers buy? And how to increase SALES?

In this course, students will delve into various aspects of consumer behavior and explore the fascinating field of neuromarketing, including

  • How "intuitive consumers" differ from "rational consumers" 
  • What nonconscious mechanisms underlie consumer responses 
  • How attention, emotion, memory, and goals impact marketing and sales  
  • New insights into consumer decision-making and purchase behavior 
  • How neuromarketing is being used today in several business areas, including advertising, branding, product development and design, traditional shopping, and online shopping 
  • How neuromarketing changes the ways marketers need to think about persuasion and influence 
  • How to incorporate neuromarketing into your marketing research program 
  • The ethics of neuromarketing


Who this course is for?

The course is designed to benefit a wide range of individuals, regardless of their professional background, as it imparts knowledge and skills that can be applied in various situations. Specifically, the following groups can greatly benefit from this course:

  • Digital marketing specialists/managers
  • Social media managers
  • Brand developers/managers
  • Business owners/ entrepreneurs
  • Affiliate marketing leaders
  • Content marketers
  • And much more


Learning Objectives

  • Explain, compare, and if needed, choose and apply existing theoretical approaches in neuromarketing/consumer neuroscience.
  • Define and recognize neuromarketing/consumer neuroscience applications/tools.
  • Explain the differences and similarities between "new" and "standard" marketing approaches/methods.
  • Gain better insight into customers' behavior.
  • Gain new tools to improve the company's sales and marketing.

Course duration: 15 hours, 5 sessions

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