Math for University Entrance Exam – SAT/ACT Prep Course

Unleash Your Inner Math Maverick!

Welcome to a world of numbers, equations, and mathematical mastery that will propel you towards your dream university journey!
Are you ready to conquer the math section of those admission tests? We've got your back, and we're about to make math your new best friend.

Duration: 48 hours, 16 sessions
Mode: Offline
Fee: 85.000 AMD
*Follow the steps of the registration guideline to register for the course

Why is our course the best for you?

Strategies Better

Our secret stash of  strategies and tactics will arm you against any math challenge.


Uncover your strengths, tame your weaknesses, and embark on a transformative mathematical odyssey.

Sample Tests

Build confidence, embrace the format, and strut into the test center like a math maestro.

Interactive Approach

Have questions? We're not just about answers; we're about interactive discussions.



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*The price of the course and the schedule for Open Education's regional centers differs. Please contact the regional center for the details.

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